If Disney Ran Your Life

Be intentional about tomorrow before you go to bed

Disney leadership speaker
Be prepared. How can you not?


Be intentional about tomorrow before you go to bed.


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Professionally Speaking

Prepare like you mean it

Louisville, KY
i write 5 daily blogs. Sometimes it takes all day to get them written, like this one, at 9pm.


Prepare like you mean it.





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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


Do Not Pass Go

i can’t afford it

Apple Watch pairing
Yesterday’s setup was easy, and an Apple employee was there holding my hand.


Apple Watch pairing
There was a glitch at the beginning, but Jaime walked me through it.


There are many excuses reasons excuses why your dream has stalled. Here’s a classic:

i can’t afford it

She can’t afford to hire a marketing person. Not many startup entrepreneurs can.

And i simply cannot afford to be someone else’s (random/last ditch) pitch person. When we can’t afford it because we don’t have the money is no different than when we can’t afford it because we don’t have the time.

And i don’t have the time because getting to the same emotional place as the creator doesn’t have a chance if i wouldn’t die for her idea.

Her’s is a really clever idea, but not worth dying for.

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No really

The main illusion stopping people from chasing their dreams

Orlando Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Walt Disney seemed to have a midas touch. Truth is, his creativity was honed from a simple business reality – survival of the fittest.)

The main illusion stopping people from chasing their dreams like they mean it?

Waiting until they are ready.

Being ready is an illusion.

It never happens.

You can prepare, but you can never be truly ready.

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Note: One small example of how Disneyland was a successful failure. Even though he prepared, he realized only after the fact that he hadn’t purchased enough land. He severely underestimated the size of his dreams.

Professionally Speaking

The Sky Is Falling

It's An Emergency...
It's An Emergency...

You’ve heard this phrase and can picture someone running around in a panic, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

It is falling and like yesterday’s post stated, there are many complaining, whiny people reminding us daily.

Gets old doesn’t it?

The antidote? You know I have one.

What I want to know is, do you?

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