We start with Cast Previews

Disney Podcasts
Recorded two episodes yesterday. One on Dreaming and one on Coaching.

Launched If Disney Ran Your Life January 25, 2019.

Have recorded six episodes, including number 5 and 6, yesterday.

Until further notice, every Podcast episode we publish is considered part of the Cast Preview stage. Cast Previews are offered to employees when we (Disney) are close to opening something new (Theme Park, Hotel, Attraction, Restaurant, etc).

Cast Previews are a Disney strategy to tweak and refine the Guest and Cast experience. It’s a critical success factor.

My wife and i have always loved being among the first to spend a night, ride an attraction, take a cruise, or dine in a new place. So special and Magical.

As we use it at Disney, so i am using it for the podcast.

Sidenote: i didn’t launch with this in mind. 

Big mistake.

Should have seen it coming.

Perfect example of 80 & go (Episode 3).

So an outcome from this is the opportunity to reprise the January 25 Intro episode. Jody Maberry asked me three core questions:

  1. Who is Jeff?
  2. What does he do?
  3. What can we expect?

Some details for consideration:

If Disney Ran Your Life is a chance for you to develop new opinions about personal vibrancy, and to try out ideas among people with similar hopes and challenges.

Jeff is focused on the big picture, but he has the experience and passion to help you .think .differently about everything, and challenge you to take calculated risks and turn desire into action and action into change – small, practical steps you can take to develop new habits, stop old habits, and modify habits that can use refinement, as you seek to build a more balanced life.

If Disney Ran Your Life podcast might be a great fit if:

  • Your mental attitude could improve
  • Your physical health could be better
  • You seek greater peace and contentment
  • You’re often over-worked and under-appreciated
  • You’d like to be more organized at home 

Imagine your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to partner with someone from one of the most  (#4 in 2018) admired companies in the world, who has been teaching global leaders since 1999 about organizational vibrancy, and who has translated Disney’s time-tested business principles into practical, common-sense blueprints for you to use as you pursue personal vibrancy.

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