The beauty of work creativity

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Biked 20 miles and conducted a coaching call from here. Told a client regarding contract negotiations, “We always start with a number and work down. i do not want to do that anymore.” The risk is she could tell me to take a hike. Or, her organization will never become vibrant. Or both. The opposite can (and should) happen.

The beauty of business creativity is no rules are required.

For example, this post is allowing for business fees layout.

All fees are US retail:

  1. Keynote $25k
  2. Half-day engagement $32k, up to 20ppl*
  3. Full-day engagement $39k, up to 20ppl*
  4. Two-day engagement $78k, up to 20ppl*
  5. Executive Vibrancy Coaching (virtual) $3,500/hr
  6. Executive Vibrancy Coaching (on-site) $5,250/hr
  7. Organizational Vibrancy Coaching (virtual) $16k/hr
  8. Organizational Vibrancy Coaching (on-site) $24k/hr
  9. Video recorded assets to keep, starts at $250k
  10. Masterclass: 100-episode If Disney Ran Your Life personal vibrancy podcast, $20k minimum or $2 per podcast per employee.

*Additional people may be added to half, full, and two-day sessions:

  • Half-day session, additional person fee $500
  • Full-day session, additional person fee $1,000
  • Two-day session, additional person fee $1,500


  • 50% payment at signing, 50% 30 days out.
  • 20% discount for 100% payment at signing
  • 20% discount for two to four product purchases
  • 10% additional discount for five or more purchases
  • It is possible to reduce fees by 50% following this strategy
  • One-time rescheduling (without $ penalty) is possible once contract is paid in full. However, all fees non-refundable.


  • Jeff’s only goal is to see you reach yours.
  • Organizational Coaching is for access to me, by anyone, anytime.
  • Using a gym personal trainer and gym client analogy, the trainer cannot do the reps. The trainer brings expertise, wisdom, and an “it” factor. The trainee, and the trainee alone must do the reps.
  • Jeff will never be an extra set of hands to do work that someone else in your organization should be doing.
  • Jeff will be your guide with world-class wisdom, experience, and insights.
  • There is no one better equipped nor more experienced in leading you to Organizational Vibrancy.
  • Jeff teaches you how to fish. Jeff doesn’t give you fish.

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i knew you’d eventually get it

Masked couple at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Last night. You are looking at 66 years combined Disney Leadership experience.

Bottom line: culture equals habits, habits equal results, therefore culture equals results.

It’s easy to dismiss the previous sentence because it’s ridiculously simple and painfully obvious.

Simple and obvious have an insidious way of being immediately dismissed.

Fatal error in judgement.

The aspects of things most important are lost on us because of their simplicity and familiarity.

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Pricing and such

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Dream equals vision of the future. The future is a place we are not only trying to make better than today, but much better than today.
Disney tickets pricing chart
Upgrades are more expensive because they include more.
Disney tickets pricing chart
Then there are upgrades for volume, with corresponding volume discounts. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

Pricing and such:

Retail keynotes: WDW & Orlando $20k, USA, Canada, Mexico $25k, cross an Ocean/Sea $30k and up.

Retail half-days: add $5k to each Keynote price.

Retail full-days: $39k up to 20 people. $929pp after 20 and up to 48 ($65k).

Retail Custom: Add $15k to any size/price (48 people maximum). For example, 20 people ($39k) plus $15k for custom delivery is $54k.

Retail Boutique Organizational Vibrancy: $15k/hour.

Depending on your location, a travel allowance fee (usually $1.5k) will compliment the contract. Bundled together are: first-class airfare, ground transportation, and meals. Also, you book and pay for two-night Hotel stay.

Two discounts available: for 100% pre-payment at contract signing. Additional discount for contracted and upfront payment on volume engagements commitment. Note: both discounts can be combined for even greater savings. And of course, if your event is in Orlando, enjoy an automatic 20% discount.

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Dear Global Speaker Bureaus

Disney Keynote Speaker
If you and your clients love Disney, your world just got more Magical.


Dear Speaker Bureaus…

One of the joys of writing is the opportunity to think on paper, like right now:

Ways you can book jeff noel:

North America keynotes are $26k net and client provides hotel. All other expenses included in fee.

International Keynotes are $36k net and client provides business-class airfare and hotel. All other expenses included.

Orlando Keynotes are $18,500 net, with no additional charges to client.

Workshops are $29k half-day and $39k full-day, net, plus $1.5k prepaid travel expenses.

International workshops, add $10k net.

Orlando workshops are $25k half-day and $35k full-day, net.


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