To fame or not to fame

To fame or not to fame.

The speaker agent posted the question on a LinkedIn thread. See photo above.

And i ask the question because occasionally i wrestle with how well known do i want to be known, because becoming well known is marketing 101.

When a business is a one person show it’s really important that the intended and potential audience is clear about who the person is and what they do and how that person can help them and their business.

Try to imagine owning a business where you are the central figure for your product and your service. Then think about world-class branding and marketing, and the dilemma should become obvious.

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Be careful what you wish for dude

Disney Hotel roof line
We poison our souls so slowly we never notice


Be careful what you wish for dude.

In my line of work, I seem to see a lot more than most. – Jimmy Buffett

A seasoned, busy management consultant sees similar life scenarios played out in business.

The time for average is way past over.

Yet many business professionals slog on, in spite of the insanity of it all.

The only upside to this prison sentence is that most nights the prisoner can sleep at home.

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The two keys to spending more time thinking about going to work

Miami Heat and American Airlines Arena
Life is not a spectator sport.


There are two ways we spend our work days.

  • driven to get ahead, always chasing the prize of more
  • going through the motions, trying to avoid painfully watching the clock

The creative ability to find the good bits, and orchestrating a lifestyle to not need more are the two keys to spending more time thinking about going to work than leaving.

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