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Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy
Privacy and secrets are the big victims (and the big victories) for the idea virus


The spread of ideas can go viral in an instant.

It can enhance political campaigns or ruin them.

Social media doesn’t care what anybody thinks. Social media is a potential force of nature.

And the Internet is on a collision course to redistribute power.

Take the broken customer elevator door at an Orlando parking garage.

Innocent and not uncommon. Things break down.

It’s when something happens beyond the ordinary that any camera can capture. And everyone has a camera.


Social media has removed any remaining notion of privacy.

It can become a beacon or a weapon.

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The great Summer of 2012

Seriously, even if your life depended on it?

life is good
life is good

Seriously, even if your life depended on it? Yes, even if my life depended on it. But in true professional fashion, I’ve been focused, disciplined, and diligent – to a fault you might say. My dear friend and former colleague in yesterday’s photo reminded me a few important lessons the final time we taught in May, just before her retirement…

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Professionally Speaking

Do You Love Or Hate That Nothing Is A Secret Anymore?

I love my job(s).

Love it or hate it, it won’t stop the fact that the Internet has made everything public now. There are no secrets. None.

What if I talked about what I do and how long I’ve done it? But I don’t need to talk about it. You can hear it from someone else. Easily.

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No really

All You Have To Do To Find Out jeff noel’s Day Job Is Google It

Privacy is long gone. Everything is public knowledge. Anyone who thinks just because you don’t ever officially say you do something that people won’t know you officially do it, is, well, living in a bygone era.

All the public has to do is type a few words, and hit enter.

Am I The Only One?

Amazing & Astonishing News

The Hardest Working Have A Blog
The Hardest Working Have A Blog

How many of you had any earthly idea that corporate copy machines had hard drives that store a copy of everything copied on that machine?

How many of you care?

Same here. How many of you know I take every picture that’s used on these five blogs? While it isn’t important to a great number of people, if you follow these blogs regularly, you’ll begin to see, that in either case – the copy machine revelation, or the photo revelation – in both cases, it’s pretty amazing and astonishing.

Some of the hardest working people you know, you have no idea how hard they work. And whomever works the hardest, is almost always the one that succeeds.

Where do put yourself on the “hardest working” scale?