Are you on LinkedIn?

Mid Life Celebration book at Epcot
Interesting resumes do not happen magically


The most interesting thing about LinkedIn profiles is how good everybody looks on paper.

Seriously, have you ever spent 30 minutes and just read as many profiles as you can?

With rare exceptions they all sound like this:

I’m so smart, I’m so smart, I’m so smart.

It’s gutsy to put a resume out there that contradicts every piece of conventional resume writing protocol.

It’s also fun.

Better late than never?

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Worried. Intimidated. Stressed. Under perform as a result?

Hawaii Electric substation on Hana Highway
Were does our energy source reside?


Ever go up against work with someone with a remarkable reputation?

Someone you see as the very best at the work you do.

Worried. Intimidated. Stressed. Under perform as a result?

And afterwards be incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work side by side with them because you got to experience something incredible?

And then sometime much later you get a second chance to do it again?

And realize much to your surprise, you are so capable that you actually surprised yourself with how amazingly solid you were the second time around?

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As much as we’d like other’s to take an interest and care

How To Influence People seminar in Calgary
A random walk downstairs (from the main conference center) led to the discovery of this meeting room and message


We must be the initiator of our own professional development.

As much as we’d like other’s to take an interest and care for our professional well being, the odds are very high that everyone else is just as busy as us.

And often (daily?) we (all of us?) are just trying to survive the day.

(the photo image reads: People Crave Direction)

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Can you blame me after nearly 30 years of this crammed into my brain?

Internet secrets
there are no secrets anymore (even if you wanted it to be)...the Internet has seen to that.

Can you blame someone for the way they behave if they’ve only been taught to think one way? I mean, really, culture is what people think and do – without thinking.

For the past 30 years of my professional career, I’ve been trained to think only of excellence.  Good and very good aren’t part of the mindset where I work. Everything at my blogs and websites is my personal opinion and not part of my professional career. But really, how do you remove the DNA from a person’s belief system?

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