The painful paradox of profit

  Began the rough draft yesterday to describe concisely what hiring me as a business advisor would look like. Have a client who wants transformation and world class consistency and operational excellence. Same client also wants this as cheaply as possible. She’s been taught to ruthlessly control costs. Profit is the goal for her, not […]

Guess which one Walt Disney thought it was

  (photo: Lunch in Japan on a Sunday is easy when you call Walt Disney World home) Leadership is the silver bullet. While it’s common to have great business managers leading a team to stellar financial results, the long term toll this effort requires needs to come into question at some point. Bottomline, the difference […]

Dear leaders, yes financial obligations are the bottom line, but

    (photo: Time Magazine cover story… inside it continues with intriguing photos) The harsh reality in business is there’s a number behind everything. Dear leaders, yes, financial obligations are the bottom-line. We hear you say this all the time when we ask for stuff we deem important, “It has a number behind it”. Of […]