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Yesterday on Twitter.


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Yesterday on Twitter.


A friend and i spoke for an hour yesterday about entrepreneurial effort.

Not until this morning did it occur to me to ask her, “Are you running to something or away from something?”

Fear probably does not have enough juice to fuel success.

Purpose, when we would literally die for something, is rocket fuel.



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Walt Disney Said

A Dreamer, and, A Doer
A Dreamer, and, A Doer

Walt Disney said many profound things. There are few on Earth that think Walt Disney was stupid and misguided.

Are you a Walt Disney fan? I mean, a fan of the man, the dreamer and doer?

After several days of long jungle jeff blog posts, I’m cutting this one short with a simple and profound Walt Disney quote, which summarizes how I want to think in 2010:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

In 2010, let’s pursue the dreams we’ve always had, but have not yet made our dramatic leap. Ya with me?