Am I The Only One?

Tell jeff noel It’s Impossible

A few days ago jeff noel posted the very first You Tube video. The idea spread virually, and now is one of the top Internet search engines, and worth BILLIONS, in only six years.

A fellow Cub Scot Dad sent this video. A skin cell spray gun. This is the holy grail of burn surgery.

So, go ahead and tell jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, that whispering to the world every morning, “Live, before you die”, won’t catch on.

That’s what they always say…

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Blogging & Social Media

How To Blog Like Perez Hilton

The Blog Whisperer, jeff noel, giving Perez Hilton & Seth Godin a shout out…

How do you blog like Perez Hilton?

  1. Identify a hot topic
  2. Share your opinion
  3. Reveal what happened

How to blog like jeff noel?

  1. Identify Life’s Big Choices
  2. Reveal timeless truths
  3. Use short, pithy, daily posts – real life in real time

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Professionally Speaking

World Class Orlando Professional Speakers

Practice, repetition, and these tips lead to excellence…

What does it take to become a world class Orlando Professional Speaker?

The same thing it takes to be world class in anything:

  • An unwavering commitment
  • A purpose bigger than yourself
  • A clear, concise and compelling vision
  • The willingness to take risks the others won’t
  • Fall down 7, get up 8

The more you practice, the better you become. Twelve years of professional speaking has equipped me with world class platform skills. The content, well, 3500+ jeff noel blog posts sort of speaks for itself.

Got passion?

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It's Not Over Rated

It’s So Hard Not To

The Internet's Only Five-a-Day Blogger...
The Internet's Only Five-a-Day Blogger...

Sometimes it’s so hard not to keep track of progress. We measure, count, chart, dream, and a host of other things when (great) progress is being made. Right?

Can’t recall writing about reaching the 1,000 post, or 2,000 post milestones.

But to skip noticing the 3,000 blog post milestone?

So, this is post 2,999.

Who would have ever thought this day would come?

For those who don’t know, this was neither a goal nor even remotely achievable.

But here we are, one post away from 3000 blog posts.

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No really What Are You Waiting For?

Marketing Director Position Opening

Not Sure Where It Leads To...
Not Sure Where It Leads To...

There is currently an Assistant Marketing Director position open at Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

The head of Marketing (me) is looking for tribal members to spread the idea – Live, before you die.

You saw the numbers the other day.

Here’s another.

Mid Life Celebration, LLC has logged 2,630 blog posts.

People who are driven do not know how to fail, because when they fail (and they always do), they simply pick themselves up and begin again.

Failing isn’t failing. Quitting is.

Ever think like that?

It’s one of the key traits we’re looking for in the Assistant Marketing Director position.

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