The harsh reality of crushing it

Screen shot of marketing scam
Yesterday’s screen shot of a marketing scam.


In the screen shot message above, i can tell you as a highly paid motivational speaker, you are not going to be able to do this fast. Anyone promising fast results is someone you should avoid.

Our social media outlets portray a super savvy entrepreneur who is crushing it.


Behind closed doors it’s more like we are getting crushed.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Here’s the issue. Everyone is trying to follow the recipes and formulas the gurus promise will lead to your quick, amazing results.

For every successful entrepreneur who’s cut the corporate cord and is going after the “work-from-home-Internet-based-startup” business, there are hundreds, maybe more, that live in this “getting crushed”world.

What’s missing from the  guru’s advice?

The truth.

And the truth is, there is no special formula. If there was, everyone would become “amazingly successful”. Quickly.

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The slowest in promising

iPhone calculator
11,640 blog posts plus today’s five equals 11,645 posts since the first day.


The slowest in promising, are the most faithful in delivering.

Do not fear going slow, fear standing still.

Note: Tack on 500 additional posts that have gone live since this post was written 100 days ago…12,140 posts posted…plus another 500 written and scheduled to post for the next 100 days…12,640 posts written. Humbled by the magnitude of “one foot in front of the other.

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Transform Yourself Tip

The number one thing I learned about transforming myself?

It’s probably not going to be what you expect.

I mean, really, what does anyone expect would be required?

Let’s be clear, what I share is what works for me.  In no way, shape or form, should anyone think I’m telling others what they should do. The person I’m talking to in this post is the one in the mirror.

The number one way to transform yourself is to do a small group of interrelated tasks:

  1. Your transformational goal must be for others
  2. You must want to be transformed more than anything, ever
  3. You must prepare for criticism, as others search for your faults

Do these three interrelated tasks, and stay humble.

PS.  And by the way, you will also need to tap into a level of courage and determination you have never known before.