Professionally Speaking

Solving for 4 key issues

Three-city trip coming soon. March 20 actually changes to March 19.

Solving for 4 key speaking issues:

  1. What subject is he famous for?
  2. What does he look like on stage?
  3. Isn’t he too expensive?
  4. Where is his book?

Here’s how:

  1. Customer Service (build off of TED Talk)
  2. TED is too long, insert 30-second sizzles
  3. 2020 is the year of exposure vs revenue
  4. Go the Extra Inch is first Disney business book to release

•  •  •  •  •

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Professionally Speaking

People need to know as much as possible, but

Keynote Speaker promo
Less than 48 hours ago, i had the privilege and honor of being asked to fill in due to extenuating circumstances.


In marketing yourself  your business, people need to know as much as possible, but you have only a few more characters than a Twitter update…

Jeff Noel is a chip off the old block. He exudes Walt Disney’s essence of dreaming, creating, and inspiring. He’s honed his platform from 30 years on the inside of one of the world’s most admired companies, working with everyone from the chief of staff to the cleaning staff.


After spending a lifetime at Disney, Jeff Noel retired in 2014 to give speeches and do business advising for organizations that want to change the world. While at Disney Institute, Jeff worked with many of the world’s most admired brands to help them change the things they thought they could not change.




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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Would we work hard for a promotion if we didn’t get paid more?

Magic Kingdom gates
Magic Kingdom gates are rarely noticed during operating hours.


Would we work hard for a promotion if we didn’t get paid more?

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

There’s no happiness in the future

Magic Kingdom before Park opening


(photo: This is what Cinderella Castle looks like when no one is around.)

Spent 30 years on the front line, eventually understanding the front line is where joy reigns.

There’s no happiness in the future. Yet we bank on it anyway.

What the heck?


Ask yourself to prove this doesn’t apply to you.

Self reflection?

Look around at the people above you on the org-chart. Are they ridiculously happy?

(Pause for the reflection and crickets.)

It’s why all personal efforts to get promoted began being shunned in 2004.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Walt Disney World Main Entrance (and Exit)

Walt Disney World main entrance


In a few days the annual performance appraisal process is finalized for FY 2014.

Very few people feel they are appropriately paid.

A widespread phenomenon.

Do you feel you are?


That’s the point.

This perpetuates itself because what are we going to do, leave?


No, of course not.

Final answer?

Yes, that’s a question not an exclamation.

What is peace and contentment?

The positioning to be able to walk away.

To plan in a deep, rational, profound way.

For a higher calling.

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