Do Not Pass Go

Should we quit and stay?

House of Blues sign
Yesterday at Downtown Disney.


We all ask this question at least once in our career.

Should we quit and stay?

Is our career over and yet we still have years before retirement?

Meaning, are we stuck where we are because we have given up on “being someone who makes a difference”?


That’s how we’re gonna go out in life?

Bad karma to be brutally honest. Like stealing.

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Do Not Pass Go

The most predictable place to fail?

Hidden Lake Trail trailhead sign at Logan Pass


(photo: The beginning of the hike is easy… it’s near the end, when we still can’t see the end, that it’s tempting to turn around)

The most predictable place to fail?

People usually fail when they are on the verge of success. So give as much care to the end as to the beginning. – Lao-Tzu

We know this, yet cave anyway.

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It's Not Over Rated

Don’t quit your day job is really great advice

after retiring, they've never had to work another day

Don’t quit your day job is really great advice. And all I can think about is how lucky I am to have a day job that allows me to do work that matters.

Count your blessings if you are working hard at something that matters. Consider getting out if your not.

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One Simple Tip to Avoid Waiting

Want a tip to help you resist the urge to wait? In a moment, I’ll share what happened last month, what I did about it, and how it impacted my leadership philosophy.

But it’s a double edge sword isn’t it?  If consistency is the hallmark of quality, and continuous improvement is the key to becoming world class, how do you balance risk and reward?

Faced with a opportunity to do something the way I’ve always done it, or a way I’ve been dreaming about but always chicken out, I was once again presented the opportunity, but was afraid I’d pass on it again.

But not this time.  Finally choose the way I had envisioned.

It was amazingly exhilarating!  Why?  Which is a good question because the thing I did differently, was actually very small in the big scheme of things.

Then why was it exhilarating?  Because conquering a small fear builds the confidence to conquer another small fear.

Eventually, the fears that get conquered are bigger and bigger, until we are faced with very little fear that we can’t act on.

Well, we will always come across scary things, but the confidence to confront and conquer is a priceless ROI for small risk taking habit.

The key, the simple tip – “Do at least one thing each day that scares you.”