Hate reading?

Howe Ridge fire Glacier 2018
Howe Ridge fire Glacier 2018, closeup of the northern edge above Lake McDonald.


Howe Ridge fire Glacier 2018
The main Howe Ridge fire at Glacier (started by lightning Augst 11, 2018) is behind the far ridge.


Read what you love until you love to read.” –


Hate reading?

i get it.

Many authors take 300 pages to say what could be said in 60.

Videos are a great way to learn about anything leadership.

Studying leadership is not optional.


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Mid Life Celebration Asks, What Has Been The Most Influential Book You’ve Read In The Past Three Years And Why?

Dallas, Texas Airport, Fall 2011

Boomers, Midlife Celebration wants to know how committed you are to reading influential books, because there’s very little time to indulge in reading for self-improvement. If we read many books, we’re bound to find a few home runs. A few of jeff noel’s most impactful reads:

Any must reads you’d like to recommend?

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Just To Clarify

Be A Fanatical Reader
Be A Fanatical Reader

You should read a ton.

I mean you should be FANATICAL about reading.

And this should never end.

Never, ever.

You should be a student for life.

However, may I caution you, if you wish to be a responsible leader, you should at some point, start to develop your own path.

And your path should consist of your convictions.

At some point, you ought to be able to clearly articulate, in your own words, what life is all about.

Do you quote, or are you quotable?