No really

Bait and switch?

New balance Running shoes
The product numbers don’t match,


Bait and switch?

Another pair of New Balance 1080SB5’s arrived yesterday – a Sunday. Opened the correctly labeled box to confirm accuracy. Inside, however, was a pair of women’s running shoes.

Started to smell hassle factor. What to do?

Clicked the delivery notice email link and in about two minutes, had everything needed to:

  1. Have the replacement shoes arrive in just two days.
  2. Have the return package re-sealed and sitting on the porch for UPS pickup today.

No return sticker was required. Plus, the existing packaging had a subtle yet convenient pre-made sealer for returns. An email containing a one-sheeter with tracking number to go inside the package.

Totally impressed.

It was a nice wow.

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So What?

How long does it take to rebound from severe shock at work?

West Orange Times shocking drug overdose death
Old people are expected to die, 17-year olds are not


How long does it take to rebound from severe shock at work?

Things happen that shock the heck out of us.

Blind sided.


Recovery within minutes sometimes. Or maybe a day or two.

Sometimes longer.

Yeah, definitely longer.

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