The day just unfolded in the normal way, until…

Lee Cockerell podcast
Listened to this one on Monday’s run to Magic Kingdom.


Voice message while driving to the High School to volunteer my time.

Listened to it while walking from car to meeting.

Sent quick text to acknowledge, and update, the sender.

After the meeting, a new email with additional details.

Sent email to both parties letting them know the meeting was over and i would call in 15 minutes, as soon as i got home (to my office).

Before we hung up, i was confirmed to take the place of a world-class Disney Keynote Speaker for a Montreal conference in two weeks.




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Impeccable timing is beginner’s luck amplified

LinkedIn work referral


(photo: While driving downtown yesterday, the digital phone rang.)

What is this thing called karma and the law of attraction?

Impeccable timing is beginner’s luck amplified.

It’s not a business until people start referring and recommending you.

The one above is not the first. Several within the last 30 days.

Counting today, ten more days until retirement from Walt Disney World.

There is a significance to 40 days and forty nights.

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