Could This Change Your Life?

Two of the greatest professional comfort foods

Film crew at Epcot
Film crew last night at Epcot. Make your own movie if you want.


Stop the madness of waiting to be picked.

Pick yourself.

Oh wait, you don’t know how to do that.


Because no one does until they figure it out. And they may never figure it out.


Because excuses and regrets make comforting conversation starters – conversations we repeatedly have with ourselves. Like a pair of well worn jeans. Comfort.




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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

We know this and respond appropriately

Orlando Based Inspirational Speaker jeff noel


(photo: iPhone screen shot… the magic (aka passion) is drained out of us with, “Quit acting like a child… grown up, etc”)

Funny isn’t it, the way we dream of change and yet do the same routine in spite of knowing better?

Can you picture the fictional Ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand in order to hide?

This is (literally) sickening sad to any soul who views their job as art. Who treats creating magic as a privilege.

How can anyone desire this and not take action to not schlug through their day, day after day?

The triumph is in walking away. Walking away from mediocrity and average.

But how does one decide to simply walk away. Easy. Take the risk.

Taking risks is risky.

So is playing it safe.

We know this.

And do nothing.

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Do Not Collect

The lie of the year

Midlife Celebration, the book in Halifax
One day this phrase will be a household name around the world – Mid Life Celebration


Whatever it takes.

The lie of the year is telling ourselves we’ll do whatever it takes. But that lasts about one or two days and then we’re back to our usual selves.

The challenge of doing whatever it takes?

The real challenge is actually finding something worth doing – and then doing whatever it takes.

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So What?

Can you see yourself smiling when no one else can see you smiling?

photo of unique meeting room names
2012 was sprinkled with these meeting room names

Can you see yourself smiling when no one else can see you smiling? Like, maybe, right now?

Sunday morning 8:18am, December 30, 2012. It’s cold outside in most of America. Cold.

Sitting at a second floor, east-facing, work-from-home-desk, smiling. Bright. Man it’s bright.

We often make year-end personal inventory lists of our accomplishments and our regrets on a day like today.

This early, on holiday, we’re not in the mood for making lists.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

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