Patience is a virtue and challenging to apply 100%

Apple Genius Bar repair ticket
Apple Store Genius Bar appointment to replace cracked screen. A week’s wait for an appointment, a $99 deductible, and a one-hour wait is a small price to pay for a better future.


Patience is a virtue and challenging to apply 100% of the time.

But that’s what great leadership (and parenting) is all about, being consistent when the pressures tempt us to loose our patience.

Leadership is also about seeing ahead and preparing a future that is better than now, much better.

One small hairline crack from a single dropped iPhone led to a set of spider-web cracks after a second drop one week later. Heading back to Glacier National Park for a week i don’t want a third drop to render the iPhone useless.

Plan ahead.


Not easy.

Temptation to wait almost always runs high.




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Look At All These

Money Tree?
Money Tree?

Look at all these things we have to do:

  • Buy Insurance
  • Buckle our Seat Belt
  • Say Thank You
  • Brush Our Teeth
  • Be Nice to Others
  • Lock Our Doors Before Bedtime
  • Do a Great Job at Work
  • Blah, blah, blah

But, ask us to think about our personal vision statement, and you might as well ask us if we can grow a money tree.

Why is that?  Am I missing something?