Leadership enemy

Yesterday while leaving Disney Springs lunch with some friends.

The desire to fit in and be accepted by the ones who can promote you (or buy your stuff) is the very thing that stifles your unique point of view.

Unique is what changes thinking.

Different thinking leads to change, or ridicule. Or both. And sometimes, weirdly, neither.

Find a million ways to stay motivated.

The long way is the short cut.

Be amazed and be amazing.

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Without any sales experience, without having a passion for sales

Windermere Prep boys Basketball
Regionals at home. The win advanced our school to the State Semi-finals.


Is there a way to become a salesperson, without having any sales experience, and without having a passion for sales?

And if the answer is yes to both, is it possible to rewrite how to sell?

Cultural transformation to move from decently surviving to abundantly thriving revolves around which of the two questions we embrace:

  1. Is it worth trying to do?
  2. Can it be done?

Almost always the belief – with a litany of excuses – will be that it can’t be done.




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There’s no happiness in the future

Magic Kingdom before Park opening


(photo: This is what Cinderella Castle looks like when no one is around.)

Spent 30 years on the front line, eventually understanding the front line is where joy reigns.

There’s no happiness in the future. Yet we bank on it anyway.

What the heck?


Ask yourself to prove this doesn’t apply to you.

Self reflection?

Look around at the people above you on the org-chart. Are they ridiculously happy?

(Pause for the reflection and crickets.)

It’s why all personal efforts to get promoted began being shunned in 2004.

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Looks good on paper but really, who’s got time?

Wishful thinking
Interesting photo pulled from FB but cannot recall the originator (wishful thinking?)


When we are overwhelmed (probably daily) with things to do and think about, it’s often best to pause.

To regroup.

To think.

To take stock.

To reprioritize.

To plan.

To unpause and take action.

Better action than before the pause.

But our work is our mistress.

Who’s got time?

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