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Dan Cockerell is retiring from Disney at age 49

Disney Keynote Speakers
Dan Cockerell announced yesterday (April 25) he’s retiring from Disney May 11.


The world just got a lucky break.

i knew it was coming, but never dreamed it would be in 2018.

So excited for Dan and his family – and his future clients.

He is an amazing resource for any organization dreaming of a brighter future.


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It's Not Over Rated

Halloween has a second significant meaning

University of North Florida map
University of North Florida


If we don’t make a fuss over these milestones and anniversaries, no one will.

Disney taught me to make a fuss over the details that most rarely fuss over.


Because over managing the details that others under manage or ignore is the secret sauce for world class results.

One year ago today, i turned in my full-time Disney Cast Member id and received a brand new Disney Cast Member Retiree id.

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So What?

Meg Crofton, President, Walt Disney Attractions, retires

Icon Walt Disney World symbol
Meg, and every Cast Member, knows exactly what this is, instantaneously.


Meg Crofton retired yesterday, June 1, 2015.

Looking forward to sitting down with her and catching up.

Can you imagine the pressure and time commitment required to be the President of Walt Disney Attractions?

Can’t wait to see what she has planned in retirement.

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Being Brave

Today is the eve of the bravest day in a long career

Disney's Celebration office complex


(photo: Disney Institute HQ is on the third floor of Celebration 215)

Never crossed the line once.

Working remotely for the past three years, and traveling four or five weeks out of six, on average, has made working in a traditional office setting obsolete.

For the past six years, every spare moment has been spent building the infrastructure and platform to be able to launch Mid Life Celebration, LLC as a full time business.

Working anywhere. Anytime.

Overhead is minimal.

Impact is unlimited.

It starts tomorrow, officially.

No more holding back and keeping it a solemn secret to everyone in the audience.

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The Chronicles of Nuwanda

Sorry, we are just really, really busy

quote about forgiveness


(photo: Lee Cockerell’s Father-In-Law’s sage advice)

What is the traditional side effect from our prosperity?

Sorry, we are just really, really busy. This is a traditional side effect to prosperity.

And in our prosperity, we have the opportunity to savor it or rush headlong in the pursuit of more.

A 25-day notice. A patient, eight day wait until his leader announced it to the team.

But last night the email announcement finally allows for some personal choices on how the future retiree will share his news with people he cares about.

It will be fun to read this in 100 days and look back on this prosperity.

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