Why did i pick Halloween as my last day at Disney?

Chicago Ohare airport
Chicage O’Hare airport for the connecting flight to Walt Disney World.


Chicago airport


Why did i pick Halloween as my last day at Disney?

Simply this, because i wanted to be able to say, “After 30 years at Disney it was pretty scary to leave.”

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Congratulations on your retirement

Farmer's fence
Sunrise through fog on Christmas morning. Notice the right side lone stalk of grass?


Farmer's fence
Closer inspection. Such a masterpiece.


Congratulations on your retirement…Thanks. i’m still working though. Doing the same thing at Disney, but on my own. i have the (intentional) ability to work anywhere, anytime – even from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, even on Christmas day.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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How’s retired life?

Box of iPhones


(photo: Box of new Mid Life Celebration equipment.)

Two more days left in the first month of retirement. How does it feel?

Busy as ever.

But haven’t hopped on a plane in four weeks.

Have had four consecutive weekends off.

And had yesterday (Thanksgiving) off too.

The work is intense, just different.

Good stuff.

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Disney retirement party photo montage for Mid Life Celebration

Orlando's Best Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo above: The first to arrive)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speaker jeff noel


(photo above: jungle jeff was the very first role at Walt Disney World in 1982)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: The Napa Room had intentional significance… view of Magic Kingdom, his first work location)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: view from adjacent observation deck… Disney’s Flagship Resort and six of his 30 years from two ‘tours of duty’)


Orlando's Best Keynote Speakers


(photo above: just beyond Bay Lake Tower, his home. To the right and out of the photo, River Country Water Park, his first role when he returned permanently in 1984)

The retirement party was originally booked for Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. His team welcomed and supported the change to the Napa Room.

On so many levels, it made perfect sense.

We survive or we thrive.

Being intentional is the key to thriving.

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Fidelity Benefits should be calling soon

Orlando Based motivational speakers


(photo: Retired on Halloween… scary as heck)

As we go through life, the things that we excitedly wait for change. Fidelity Benefits should be calling any day now to announce that retirement is officially processed. It ain’t official until it’s official. Meanwhile…

Day one of week two. Retirement isn’t the right word to describe this situation. Retirement conjures images of rest and relaxation. What’s happening is anything but.

Six years of not quitting the day job have led to the official launch of being self-employed. While it’s painful to leave Disney after 30 years, it’s the right (gutsy) thing to do.

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