Yesterday’s Amazon book review

Mid Life Celebration book at Disney University
Photo taken three days ago.


Received this Amazon book review yesterday.

This beautifully written, life changing book was the ‘right book at the right time’ for me. Inspirational, poignant and full of wisdom, there were many times that I felt that the Jeff was writing directly to me. I am reprioritizing and recommitting to myself and my life moving forward. This was my wakeup call!

Help like you mean it.

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Amazon rejected jeff noel’s review of Lee Cockerell’s latest book

Walt Disney revealing EPCOT


Wrote Lee Cockerell’s latest Amazon book review yesterday. Amazon responded saying they couldn’t post it as written. Read the guidelines. Didn’t understand. Sent an appeal, at their invitation.

We’ll see what happens.

Here’s the original:

Lee Cockerell is a Time Management Deity. His inspiring message is clear, concise, and compelling. A brilliant double dose of not only “how”, but “why”. Imagine the time pressures and delivery expectations of being in charge of 40,000 Disney Cast Members for a decade. The best thing you can do after reading Lee’s book(s) is to subscribe to his Podcasts. To have access to Lee in this manner is priceless. It will change your life, like it did mine.

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His job is to make rattling the cage an art form

Apple iPhone 6 Brown Leather Case


(photo: simply a reference to the love the world has for excellence… for a Company seven years running ‘The Most Admired Company in the World’)

Oh my gosh, what a year! Is it possible that after 30 years the 30th year would be the best one ever?

It was bound to happen. We reap what we sow.


Don’t hope for it. Don’t wish for it. Don’t even strive for it.

Demand it!

That’s the heart of organizational vibrancy.

I am the deepest thinker in the room. My job is to rattle the cage so to speak. To get people to think differently. If they walk out of the room thinking the same way they did when they entered, we didn’t need to have the meeting. – jn

No one works harder, thinks deeper, cares more, or reaches higher…

In a world full of cookie cutters, he is a craftsman…

Began FY 2014 as the highest rated speaker in the eyes of the business audiences we serve around the world.

  • You’re the most requested facilitator. – Scheduler
  • I’ve never seen any client love one facilitator as much as they love you. – Sales Manager
  • I’ve seen seven Sports rollout sessions and that one was by far the best. – Client Relationship Manager
  • The client insists on having you. – Sales Manager
  • No one reads an audience better and creates higher energy and amazing state changes better than jeff. – Colleague
  • You inspire me to be a better Facilitator. – Colleague
  • You’re the best reader I’ve seen. – Pastor (for 50 years)

Two time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement recipient.

Anyone who works in the classroom delivering content can feel his commitment, his dedication, his passion for helping others think differently. He is extraordinarily flexible at adapting to his audience, his co-facilitator, his client.

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