Guess which one Walt Disney thought it was

  (photo: Lunch in Japan on a Sunday is easy when you call Walt Disney World home) Leadership is the silver bullet. While it’s common to have great business managers leading a team to stellar financial results, the long term toll this effort requires needs to come into question at some point. Bottomline, the difference […]

Ever been to one (or all) of these places in your career?

  After nearly 15 years (since March 1999) and speaking to over one million people, something magical is happening within a career. Ever been to a place like this in your lifetime? The place where you feel like: an artist unencumbered unmotivated by title, status, rank, salary on fire work everyday as if your life […]

Back To The Saturday Run

One of the challenges with our business world is that the people who are capable of decision making are not capable of keeping up with technology. Many reasons for this, and it really doesn’t even matter. Yet the people who keep up with technology and understand it’s potential, particularly with social media, are not in […]