Freaks unite

Ever been to one (or all) of these places in your career?

Tree growth rings in a wooden bridge post
Slow and steady growth, year after year after year


After nearly 15 years (since March 1999) and speaking to over one million people, something magical is happening within a career.

Ever been to a place like this in your lifetime?

The place where you feel like:

  • an artist
  • unencumbered
  • unmotivated by title, status, rank, salary
  • on fire
  • work everyday as if your life depended on it
  • become a stranger with fear
  • marry possibility
  • inspire positive change
  • feel like you have finally arrived
  • and the next week, years, or maybe even decade (or second half) are your years to bloom

This is insane. Like the first day of first grade.

Real life in real time.

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Am I The Only One? Could This Change Your Life?

Back To The Saturday Run

We Ran Through Windermere, Where Tiger Lives
We Ran Through Windermere, Where Tiger Lives

One of the challenges with our business world is that the people who are capable of decision making are not capable of keeping up with technology. Many reasons for this, and it really doesn’t even matter.

Yet the people who keep up with technology and understand it’s potential, particularly with social media, are not in decision-making positions.

This forms an unfortunate paradox.

Every once in a while there are exceptions to the rule. I planted a seed with a fellow midlife runner on our Saturday run. Not sure he got it. Or that he can even remotely consider it.

Sooner, rather than later, this will create an opportunity point. Or not. And so it goes. Life. Hard decision. Risks. Boundary pushing.

But the potential rewards are enormous. Gigantic.

This is one of my favorite things about running. And about life.

And We Saw This
And We Saw This
And This
And This

What’s Your Big Dream?

Where Do You Stand?
Where Do You Stand?

Do you feel like quitting, giving up, or at the very least, backing down from reaching high?

Two of our most common feelings are:

  1. Dreaming Big Dreams
  2. Quitting because of the obstacles

So today’s thought for you to ponder, “What’s your big dream?”

And, “Are you still passionate about it or have you given up?”

One Simple Tip to Avoid Waiting

Want a tip to help you resist the urge to wait? In a moment, I’ll share what happened last month, what I did about it, and how it impacted my leadership philosophy.

But it’s a double edge sword isn’t it?  If consistency is the hallmark of quality, and continuous improvement is the key to becoming world class, how do you balance risk and reward?

Faced with a opportunity to do something the way I’ve always done it, or a way I’ve been dreaming about but always chicken out, I was once again presented the opportunity, but was afraid I’d pass on it again.

But not this time.  Finally choose the way I had envisioned.

It was amazingly exhilarating!  Why?  Which is a good question because the thing I did differently, was actually very small in the big scheme of things.

Then why was it exhilarating?  Because conquering a small fear builds the confidence to conquer another small fear.

Eventually, the fears that get conquered are bigger and bigger, until we are faced with very little fear that we can’t act on.

Well, we will always come across scary things, but the confidence to confront and conquer is a priceless ROI for small risk taking habit.

The key, the simple tip – “Do at least one thing each day that scares you.”

Reason Why People Wait

Note:  I’m talking to the person in the mirror.  Please don’t take this personally.

The reason you wait is because you are afraid.  You are afraid because you are unsure of yourself.  You are unsure of yourself because:

  • You don’t have enough experience
  • You have been burned before
  • Your weaknesses may be exposed
  • You fear rejection
  • You fear failure
  • You may even fear success

Like I said, please don’t take this personally, I’m only talking to the person in the mirror.  Ya with me?