Don’t let high stakes alter your values

High School Basketball Florida State championships 2016
Windermere Prep has home court advantage.


High School Basketball Florida State championships 2016
Final huddle of the game.


High School Basketball Florida State championships 2016
Quarterfinals for Florida State High School Championships…47 seconds remaining.


When the stakes are high, so are our emotions. Don’t let high stakes alter our values. No compromising, even if it looks like we might lose.

Lose with dignity.

Win with humility and gratitude.




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The crowning achievement of leadership

Disney Leadership Speakers
This photo just arrived via Bob Stewart on LinkedIn.


(Note: Just as this post was being completed, the photo above went live on LinkedIn, thanks to Bob Stewart from Georgia.)

Perhaps the crowning achievement of leadership is being able to provide others with the same type of game changing opportunities that we were blessed with.

In the giving we receive.

Servant leadership.

Looks good on paper, but can we do it without thinking about it?

Workplace (and personal) culture is what we think and do, without thinking.

Being intentional is the most important characteristic determining whether your personal culture works for you or against you.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

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People like this are either one or the other

one dozen microphones for big presentation at The Breakers
First class production all the way (three screens across the front, 12 microphones on the table)


The Breakers' meeting room view at sunrise
Two views – boastful or grateful (hint: starts with a ‘gr’)


The Breakers ocean front sidewalk
The ballroom is on the end – any closer and it would be in the ocean


We all work for a living (yes, there are exceptions).

Have to do or get to do?

The law of the harvest?

We reap what we sow?

Boastful or grateful?

Depends where on our vantage point.

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Ah, The Double-Edged Sword Of Risk And Reward

I've had similar cameras in the past. Ultimately, the desire to carry it all the time made the size an easy choice.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Too much ventured, too much to lose. This is why success is so hard to define and comprehend. There are a million ways to find success. And what’s success for one, is likely failure to another.

Insight: At the end of the day, we must fail, but never quit, if want to succeed.

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