101 days later

Christmas evening 2012, 9:50pm…

A promise is a promise.

Overcoming adversity is overcoming adversity.

Ridiculous is the new remarkable.

Remarkable is when people make remarks, like I have been – since opening Seth Godin’s new 800+ page behemoth book, “This Might Work”.

It arrived from China a few weeks ago via Amazon. Didn’t open the box until three days ago.

Chapin and I gave it to Cheryl as a “fun-gift”, for no real reason than simply because it is such a ridiculous book.

Gigantic, 19+ pounds. Not for sale in stores nor online. Months ago I pre-ordered it, expecting it to arrive in March 3013.


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Am I The Only One?

Here’s what happens when we remain ridiculous long enough

Here’s what happens when we remain ridiculous long enough.

We are no longer considered a fad.

People actually start to believe that we are serious.

Our passion for our art becomes transparent enough to attract an audience who appreciates it.

Our art illuminates a social hunger for the vibrancy we have towards our art.

We never thought of ourselves as an artist, but we do now.

Million dollar question, “What if you did?