Disney retirement anniversary

Disney Customer Service Keynote speaker
Seven years ago, 2015…just getting started on my own after Disney retirement.
Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel
Telling the “What’s your Bear’s name?” story.
Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel
Intentionally making a transition from suit and tie to jacket off and sleeves rolled up. Because the goal was to do something that scared the heck out of me. Had never done it and now that i’m my own boss, post-Disney, i make the rules.

Disney retirement anniversary is one week away.

It’s been eight years since officially retiring.

It’s been 14 years since the decision to retire a decade before i wanted to.

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Life is a career gamble

mid life celebration, the book
Random grab from iPhoto library. There are hundreds of thousands of photos. Been carrying a camera with me way before the phone doubled as a camera.

Life is a career gamble.

The reason we work is to earn the currency that allows us to live, eat, and play. And to afford things like insurance and healthcare that help us when we have troubles.

The career you chose – the work you are paid to do – is a reflection of your personal investment in understanding foundational truths.

Rather than riff about it on this post, will stop and simple say, use this blog’s search function and use keywords that focus on what you believe are personal leadership truths. With 5,000+ posts on this individual website, this is a hybrid master-class waiting to happen. The topic: Personal leadership excellence.

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2021 Disney Keynote Speaker firsts

couple gazing into each other's eyes
These two share 66 years of Disney Service and Leadership.

2021 Disney Keynote Speaker firsts…this is an “intermission” in my unpacking last night’s intensely-painful event.

Deep breath.


And remember that writing is as cathartic a daily exercise as any other option.

Here goes a remarkably simple, uneventful story. Yet this story illustrates a dramatic leap in my artistry as a professional speaker. And it happened just four months ago. This is significant in the 23-year arch of a prolific speaking career.

Here goes:

Grateful that risk taking yields growth…

Let’s review the Disney Keynote Speaking firsts from 2021: 

Walked from home to Disney Convention Center, to speak.

1st Disney speech – in 2,000 speeches – delivered without slides.

1st time using conference A/V staff to role-play a story.

1st Disney Keynote delivery in jean shorts.

1st time in Walt Disney World’s 50-year history a Disney conference speaker walked from their house to speak at Disney.

Bonus 1st: 1st time in 23 years with a 16-month (Covid) public-speaking gap.

All firsts happened in one day. Would have been ridiculously easy to take no risks. Just do what you always do – what works – since 1999. Without multiple risks of failure on this day there’d be no growth. And because none of the risks failed, it was an epic growth day.

None of these firsts required a checklist. All of these firsts required an unexplored frontier.

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i love the burden

Parachute and American Flag
Parachute and American Flag, while leaving Church.

i love the burden of a crazy idea.

It’s like being in the wilderness.

On a trail you’ve never taken.

In a place you’ve never been.

You are searching for solitude, self, and adventure.

Of course it’s risky.

Of course you may lay your eyes on something few, if any, have ever seen.

And for some deeply unexplainable reason (maybe it’s primal DNA), you cannot stop yourself from exploring the edges.

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One-foot wonders

glacier national park

Walk on one foot of risk, then on one foot of mastery. You must walk on both.

Dawna Markova

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