It's Not Over Rated

Thank goodness for risks and failures

Disney's Wilderness Lodge light pole
Can you tell where this Walt Disney World location is just from the light pole design?

Thank goodness for risks and failures.


Thank goodness for risks and failures.

Without them…

We would never learn to walk.

We’d never improve.

We’d never come alive.

We’d never know fear.

We’d never know joy.

And we’d never know freedom.

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Being Brave

Lesson learned (the hard way)

Amish postcard
Symbolic image. A postcard from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Purchased many years ago, recently sent.


Lesson learned (the hard way).

No longer going to pay people in advance. It’s been my experience during the past 18 months that humans, in general, do not have the self-discipline to stay hungry after they’ve been fed.

Zero regrets.

In fact, i celebrate discovering what i hoped i wouldn’t discover.

i actually had faith being fed in advance would inspire a deeper hunger.

My experience shows it only happens as an anomaly.




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Freaks unite

It just doesn’t feel right does it?

Orlando Inspirational keynote Speakers


(photo: Yesterday before sunrise. Coming home from dropping Cheryl off at airport. The truck’s tagline is inspiring.)

Probable tag line for

.lead .differently

Challenging the status quo. Almost always at the chagrin of authority.

It would be easier, of course, to simply accept the critical mass (momentum) of the herd – aka status quo.

The way we’ve always done things.



Go with the flow.

Nothing wrong with these things.

Unless you talk all the time about innovation.

Then you sort of suck if you don’t actually challenge everything.

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

But it just doesn’t feel right.

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Being Brave

Is taking risks similar to comedy?

random music video screen shot about real love
Everyone has a story. Everyone has a dream.


She is determined, humble, and strives for simplicity.

Probably a zealot too.

She’s passionate about excellence to the point of it being a liability.

Yet others see it as a game changer rather than a liability.

Taking risks is risky.

So is playing it safe.

Maybe it’s like comedy. Timing is everything.

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Book Publishing

A lesson we all know, can explain how it works, and know the value of.

Amazon Sales Rank screen shot Mid Life Celebration
Not bad, from 86k, to under 3.2k in 24 hours


A lesson we all know, can explain how it works, and know the value of.

Yet a lesson we too often don’t get a chance to implement and test.

Taking risks.

The past three days was the first try at book marketing.





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