Our morning routine controls our destiny

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Yesterday at Gold’s Gym Orlando


Our morning routine controls our destiny.

Photo is from yesterday at Gold’s Gym.

Personal leadership means you should be need to be a model of health.

If you are not…explain personal integrity to me again.

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Dear Son

Call an audible once in awhile

Father son Cocoa beach trip


Call an audible once in awhile.

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Blogging & Social Media

Write about the stuff that dominates your life

Allentown Pennsylvania road sign


(photo: Each day we pass by many things… do we see them? Do we care? Do they inspire us? Are we grateful?)

Write about the stuff that dominates your life…

We were talking about Disney and why there’s so much of it on these blogs.

And like this other post today, it’s relatively obvious.

Disney occupies 60 hours of every week.

In some ways work is the center of our lives. If you subtract sleep, work is the lion’s share of where we spend our time.

And when we’re on vacation guess what happens, these posts revolve around vacation.

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Professionally Speaking

Same old same old could be the best indication you are becoming a great artist

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We want the top box choice to be a no brainer for the people completing the evaluations


Same old same old could be the best indication you are becoming a great artist.

Two days ago the client said the content delivery was the best she’s ever seen.

When these kinds of comments seem to follow wherever we go, we are becoming something remarkable.

Because we rarely remark when things are simply satisfactory.

Remarks predictably start flying when it’s awful or when it’s amazing.

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It's Not Over Rated

Same Old Same Old Can Be A Blessing

Just another day at the office?

Today is gonna be just like yesterday, isn’t it? Same old same old. What a huge blessing that today will just be more of the same. Yesterday was such an amazing gift to unpack and share with the rest of the world. Yesterday…an email excerpt from a childhood friend:

“…(her daughter) said she thinks it’s because your intentions are good. You don’t have some hidden agenda. You WANT to understand what people see and how they think.”

Insight: I respectfully disagreed with Lorie’s blog post comment (in which she respectfully disagreed with my me) – the quote above reveals how important intent is.

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