It's Not Over Rated

Same Old Same Old Can Be A Blessing

Just another day at the office?

Today is gonna be just like yesterday, isn’t it? Same old same old. What a huge blessing that today will just be more of the same. Yesterday was such an amazing gift to unpack and share with the rest of the world. Yesterday…an email excerpt from a childhood friend:

“…(her daughter) said she thinks it’s because your intentions are good. You don’t have some hidden agenda. You WANT to understand what people see and how they think.”

Insight: I respectfully disagreed with Lorie’s blog post comment (in which she respectfully disagreed with my me) – the quote above reveals how important intent is.

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What Are You Waiting For?

How Often Do You Say, I Didn’t Think My Alarm Was Ever Gonna Go Off?

No, not a rooster, an American Bald Eagle. Big difference.

If yesterday was the last day I worked at becoming a better professional speaker, then yesterday would be the best I’ll ever be as a speaker.

Good news, I didn’t think my alarm clock was ever gonna go off yesterday morning (and this morning too). Is that weird?

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