Sam Horn On Personal Branding

Your brand is the first thing people think of when they hear your name…say, audacious, avant garde…

If you’re a business owner and are struggling to stay competitive, what is one of the most likely sources of your pain?


And Marketing is connected to Branding.

And Branding is connected to everything.


Sam has a tag line, “How to Breakout – Rather Than Blend In.”

Her article, “Why Is It Important To Build An Umbrella Brand” offers her five P’s you can embrace, unless you like the results you’re getting now.

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Freakonomics And Sam Horn

I Love Freakonomics
I Love Freakonomics

You’ve probably heard of Freakonomics.

You probably have not heard of Sam Horn.

I met Sam Horn on LinkedIn.

Sam Horn loves quotes.  jeff noel loves quotes. In fact, jeff noel is addicted to quotes.

Sam feeds quotes to quote-addicted people like me.

She also speaks and writes.  And Sam Horn does them well, very well.

And if you have any common sense at all, you’ll trust me and click here to read this New York Times summary of her book, Tongue Fu.

I have six new ideas from reading this brief, but compelling angle to crafting your pitch, your elevator speech. Seriously.