Hire a CPA or Do It Yourself?

MBA courses insist you take accounting.  Ever hear an MBA student rave about their accounting classes?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach students what to look for in a good CPA?

Don’t leaders in organizations have finance departments?

Isn’t the leader’s purpose to lead? To set the course?  To dream, to communicate and to inspire the vision?

Maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe I’m not.

So, just wanted to get our minds thinking about this.

All I’m pointing out is that society places a certain “worth” on an MBA degree.  I’m not disagreeing with that.

Society also places a certain worth on reading the best selling business books.  Not disagreeing with that either.

For me, what it all comes down to is that degrees, or books, don’t matter much if you can’t translate what you know – into something much better than before.

It’s almost like buying a gym membership, or exercise equipment, but not using it.

Back To School

Back to school for our third grader.

Thank you to my wife for all her hard work to shop, organize and take care of all the preparations necessary for a successful end to summer vacation.

Third grader, nine years old, 70-plus pounds.  Who woulda thought?

Our son had a great summer at the Disney – YMCA child care facility. He learned how to dance in front of others.

And it was easier than you might think.

Part of the class culture, led by his YMCA teachers, was every day starting with music and dancing on the playground.  Every day.

What happens when you do something every day?  You get used to it. And you get good at it.  This strengthens your self-esteem.

Because of the way my brain works, it is only natural to connect this insight to business.  Yours and mine.

Great results happen when dedicated effort is practiced everyday and fun is part of the culture.

What surprised me about writing this post was that it surprised me, because I shouldn’t be surprised.

This is common sense, just not always common practice.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂