Being Brave

Today is the eve of the bravest day in a long career

Disney's Celebration office complex


(photo: Disney Institute HQ is on the third floor of Celebration 215)

Never crossed the line once.

Working remotely for the past three years, and traveling four or five weeks out of six, on average, has made working in a traditional office setting obsolete.

For the past six years, every spare moment has been spent building the infrastructure and platform to be able to launch Mid Life Celebration, LLC as a full time business.

Working anywhere. Anytime.

Overhead is minimal.

Impact is unlimited.

It starts tomorrow, officially.

No more holding back and keeping it a solemn secret to everyone in the audience.

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It's Not Over Rated

The one secret, under rated leadership attribute we need to succeed

No mountain is climbed quickly…

highway signs

The one secret, under rated leadership attribute we need to succeed?


If I tell you why, you’ll never understand. If you discover this on your own, you’ll never forget.

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Inspirational Nuggets

The Dirty Little Motivational Secret Most People Ignore

Do not put this fire out...ever!

Pssst…wanna know the most ignored but obvious motivational secret?


Motivation is like a fire, we need to continually add fuel or it’ll go out. This is so true it will be life changing by applying it.

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Common Sense

Heard The Best Kept Disney Secret?

The Public Trusts Great Brands Like Disney & Apple

Think about the American brands Baby Boomers trust – Apple and Disney. These two iconic brands built and maintain their reputations on the backbone of their customer’s trust. Apple and Disney pursue quality and excellence with unmatched competitive immunity.

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