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Work metaphor from Cub Scout trip video from 8 years ago


Work metaphor from Cub Scout trip video from 8 years ago.

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Common Sense, Not Common

Safety is way more than physical safety

Walt Disney World 30 year s of service pin



(photo: Today, September 27, 2014  marks 30 official years of service… a top ten most admired company in the world… this was the plan way back as a 25-year old ‘kid’)

The screen saver on the company issued iPhone 4s is a photo of his name tag and business card.


Because the phone requires a password after one minute.

No one would be able to access the phone’s contents to determine how to get it back to the owner it it was lost.

But the screen saver contains his land line phone number, address, and email, and also identifies the owner’s integrity and reputation.

If the screen saver was a Disney character or Family member photo, or a nature scene… the odds of reuniting the owner are drastically reduced.

Every Most business professional know this. Yet do nothing different.

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Am I The Only One?

Patiently Impatient

Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?
Sit Back & Relax Until It's Over?

How’s your patience level these days?

Are you comfortable with the pace of positive change, positive progress?

I’m not.

Sometimes, I just want to shout, “Wake up!”

But now, more than ever, is a great time to play it safe, unless your name is Seth Godin or Hugh MacLeod.

The Answers Are Obvious

Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend

The answers are obvious to the person who thinks things through, paying particular attention to what’s common sense.

What did you answer from yesterday’s choices?

The correct answer is open the window, let the dog sniff and reward the dog for waking you up.

You get bonus credit if you made an additional choice that wasn’t offered (on purpose), to grab a flashlight and take your dog outside to sniff even more thoroughly.

Why not yell at your dog to shut up and be quiet?  After all, you work hard, you’re exhausted, and you have a big day tomorrow.

Get Me Out Of Here?

Ever wonder if we are more like vultures than not? It occurred to me that we are actually just like them.

Over the weekend, our Church’s Cub Scout Pack spent the night at Brevard Zoo.  There were many safety rules, because of the children, the darkness, the animals, etc.

In the morning, before breakfast, we were still confined to a certain area to remain safe. Across from our cabin, I spotted the vulture cage. There was a wild vulture standing on the cage pole, with other vultures just a few feet away on the inside.

Couldn’t help but have this moment of truth fly through my brain and capture it on this one-take You Tube video:

Any of this sound familiar?