.see .differently & .think .differently

Florida insects
During yesterday’s run.


Florida insects
Closer inspection.


Florida insects
Fascinating. Almost ran by without noticing.


The “great depression of 2008-09” created an opportunity to .see .differently and .think .differently

Without the exceptionally uncomfortable Disney layoffs, i wouldn’t have felt so vulnerable – vulnerable to the point of revelation.

The revelation was simple, always have a plan b.


The time to “worry” is when you don’t need to.

Without the pressure of “have to”, you can really see and think clearly and rationally.

You can also think and see in a way that excites and scares you like never before.


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Boomers Know Common Sense When They See It And Boomers Know It When They Don’t

Boomers know common sense when they see it, Boomers know it when they don't

This picture makes no sense. It’s not a football or basketball score. So what the heck is it? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that common sense is easy to see because it, well, it just makes sense. Period. We Boomers know this intuitively. We’ve lived it. But the bigger point is this, are we applying it today?

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The View Never Changes If

If you’re not the lead reindeer, the view never changes. Being emplyed is like that too.  And it reminds me that as a leader, it’s incumbent on me to see the future and describe to others what it looks like.

Someone has to set the vision.  If it ain’t the leader, what have you got?  Seriously.  If the leader doesn’t do it, you’re in serious trouble.

Imagine these guys without a lead reindeer:

PS. Okay, so they’re not exactly reindeer, but you get the point. Make your day great. You know where you’re headed, right?