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But what if I’m not a disciplined person?

Good results require good effort. Great results, great effort. At the least, be good.

Here’s what I’d tell you if you said, “But what if I’m not a disciplined person?”
Me: “I bet when you’re hungry, you would use your resources to get food to eat. You’ve been taught how to do this, and I bet you’re really good at it. But I bet you don’t believe you can apply ‘hunger’ metaphorically to discipline yourself to become decent at life’s basics.”

Common sense – discipline yourself to find a million ways to feed your hunger for life’s basics.

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It's Not Over Rated

Do You Know This 1 Helpful Secret?

Choose Wisely
Choose Wisely

The reason it’s a helpful secret is simply the fact that we all agree with the the statement after we hear or see it, but otherwise, the concept never crosses our mind.

The 1 secret can be read here.

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Do Not Pass Go

Are You Personally Accountable?

Consequence Or Advantage?
Consequence Or Advantage?

Intuitively, or maybe stereotypically, accountability is thought of as a consequence.

Counter-intuitively, accountability should be thought of as your competitive advantage.

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