This video on selling basics is better than i thought

Habits and rituals. That’s how you operationalize or destroy organizational culture. It works in sales too. i’m not skilled at selling for people’s money. i am skilled, however, at challenging others to .think .differently And the cool thing is this… It never feels like work. And the bonus… It inspires me to maintain an insatiable appetite […]

Make hundreds of dollars an hour in your underwear?

Would earning $600 a week on a hypothetical 20-hour workweek appeal to you? That’s $30/hour, working on your own terms. Michael, let’s review the key points from last night’s swimming pool conversation: A $30/hour wage is realistic. And could easily double or triple, or more. You’d work when you wanted, wherever you wanted. You’d work as […]

The CEO is primarily interested in the bottomline

  CEO’s and other senior executives want quick, cost effective solutions to things they’ve been unable to conquer. My main job is finding creative ways to help them see their blindspot. It’s gonna take time and money. And a level of commitment they’ve never experienced before. Note to self: Selling is the transfer of enthusiasm. […]

Selling ourselves is much more challenging than selling an idea

  (photo: Lunar Rock.. saying we can get a Lunar rock and actually holding it in your hand are two very different propositions) Selling ourselves is much more challenging than selling an idea. The idea can be described by what it’s going to do. Ourselves? Well, we can only sell what we’ve actually done. Big […]