Unconventional is the new higher education

Vail weather
Just 24 hours ago. Right now it’s 19.


Hidden Mickey at Vail Ski Resort
While walking around the Westin yesterday after lunch.


Unconventional is the new higher education.

To know is to do.

To know and not do, is to not yet know.

First thing i did upon entering Dorian’s car was apologize.

He didn’t deserve my impatience 30 minutes prior.

PS. Had requested verification for who would pick me up at the airport, but didn’t double check. Pretty sure it wasn’t going to be Dorian.

Why should i have to double check? i’m not someone’s parent. In hindsight, becoming “parental” would have paid dividends.


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Blinding flash of the obvious (again)

Disney Keynote Speakers
Summer 2009, age 50, Finland, Masters Track & Field World Championships.


So easy to not see the forest for the trees, right?

Having a clear picture of the whole system and how everything relates would have given me a new perspective on the choices i needed to make.

Broadening the goal from focusing on completing a half-marathon let’s say, to include having a body capable of competing at a higher level, changes how I would view all of the smaller decisions in my exercise transformation.

Moving my goal from winning a local Masters track meet, to winning the State Championship, to aiming for the National Championships final, to competing at the World Championships – this was an excellent example in practicing the art of over-focusing on what i used to under-focus on or ignore.

Prior to the impossible goal of the world championships in 2009, my excuse for eating poorly was that i was burning so many calories with all the exercise i was doing.

My excuse for not stretching was that i was putting in so much time exercising.

My excuse for not sleeping sufficiently was that i had to make up the time i put into training.

Had i focused on the performance of my health metrics, rather than the physical aspect of training, i would have made better decisions with food, stretching, and sleeping.

All of that to get to this…

A goal of growing your revenue doesn’t fix a spending problem.

A goal of exercising more doesn’t fix an eating problem.

Sure they’ll make things look better for a while, but you’ll still be making choices that undermine the real goal.

You have to look at the whole of something before you can break it down.

When we understand the entirety of the system and the actual goal we’re trying to achieve, the better our day to day decisions will be.

Who knew?


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Taking care of things serves us well

Apple OS X El Capitan upgrade
Helping someone move from PC to Mac yesterday.


Taking care of things serves you well. Common knowledge, not common practice.

mind • body • spirit • work • home

Life’s five big choices.

These are the basic priorities that must be addressed daily in order to thrive.

And each of the five will have sub-priorities.

This is yours to figure out.

It is different, yet similar, for every human.




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Most Organizations Don’t Capitalize On The Power Of Signs To Capture Their Employees Hearts

Obviously The yellow M, but what about the little red leaf?

Great civilizations, iconic legendary corporate giants, long standing religions, they all share their genius, purposefully using icons and phrases to win the hearts of their employees. Every small business entrepreneur, every manager, every leader, ought to be taking note. It’s common sense, but not common.

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