It's Not Over Rated

After all these years, finally back

Last night’s time stamp.
Hard to get any closer without being on the stage.
We felt special and valued.

After all these years, finally back at Epcot’s Candlelight Processional.

It’s been so long since the last visit that i had almost forgotten.

We had a unique opportunity last night that we never enjoyed before.

The biggest dissatisfier at every theme park in the world (and perhaps in any industry) is waiting in line.

Couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying evening.

Sometimes Cast Members are treated like royalty.

Never gets old.

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No really

It’s not called Show Show

American Idol 2018
Last night i watched the recorded Finals. As of 6am this morning, i still don’t know who won.


It’s not called Show Show.

It’s called Show Business.


People ride you when your song drops in the charts, or when it climbs too slowly.

People love you when your song is climbing.

You are responsible for both.


You probably didn’t think being a star involved the business side.

Know what happens if you don’t figure out the business side?

Think “has-been”.


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Disney Brand Loyalty Book

What do you notice and why?

bad show
First thought was, “Really?” Under the yellow sign is the same message.


hospital worker bad show
Kids and their devices these days. i never look for these things. They appear out of nowhere. He had been walking the entire length of the hall, which gave plenty of time to think about snapping a photo. The patient doesn’t know if he’s onstage or backstage – the Disney rule is – if you see Guests, you are onstage.


What do you notice and why?

My job requires me to observe and evaluate.

Constantly, and with great discernment.

That’s what i’m paid to do.

To notice things others can’t or won’t see.

So no, i’m not judging, i’m doing my job, whether i’m on the clock or not.


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Disney Meetings and Tiger Woods?

Disney meetings and Tiger Woods?  Is there some commonality?  Maybe.

Two days ago, Tiger made a dramatic comeback, here in Orlando, at the Bay Hill golf course.  I don’t recall the tournament’s name.  It was his sixth win at this particular tournament.

But, no one was certain he could win, yet.  Was he ready?  Was he strong enough?  Does he still have “it”?  Did the 9.5 months of being away from golf, leave him worse off, or better off?

Last June, I believe, he had a major setback, which required reconstructive surgury, etc.

Well, on Sunday he was, at least when I turned on the TV, at least five strokes behind the leader.

On the final round, he methodically made up the difference, and, on the final stroke, won the tournament.

Last May, just before he flew to California to win the US Open (and destroyed his knee and leg), I spoke to him at the local gym we both go to.

I asked him, “Tiger, if you had one piece of advice to give to anyone wanting to be world-class, what would it be“?

You know what he told me?

Out work ’em“!

I was surprised by his simple answer.  And you know what else?   He didn’t hesitate for a nano-second on his answer, “Out work ’em“!

Caught off guard, I responded instinctively, “You mean like morning, noon and night“?

He said, “Yes“!

So please, let me ask you, “What are you doing, this morning, this afternoon, and tonight, to be world-class“?

What a great time to regroup.  Everyone is doing that, you know.  Trying to figure out a plan for this quarter and the next, etc.   The people and organizations that come through this year ahead of the others?

The ones who are willing to “out work their competition“!

Need a place to start?  That leads me to here……..

Have been meaning to share this with you.  If you are doing something important this year, or are planning something important, Disney has some special offers, if you were to make those plans before June 30.  The link below summarizes it all.

As always, there is no pressure for you to do anything.

Pressure from your competition?  Of course.  Always will be.  Especially now.  It’s just a fact of life, isn’t it?  I wish it wasn’t so.  Life would be easier.  Wait, I’ve drifted off to Fantasy Land.  Sorry.  🙂

Make today a GREAT day.  Do something GREAT, because if you don’t, who will?   Do you think your competition is taking the day off?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂


Camping in the middle of the week?

Yep.  About 80 of us.

First through fifth graders and about 18 adults, more or less.  At Wekiwa Springs State Park.  It was an awesome opportunity to be a chaperon and be visible in my son’s life.

So, we left school at 9AM yesterday, and returned late this afternoon.

Then, after a few other commitments, we finally got home in time to watch most of American Idol.

Have you ever spent 36 hours where you experienced so much good, that when you took a moment to catch your breath, you realized more cool things happened in those 36 hours than you thought was possible.

And the really cool thing?

It was largely spontaneous.

And guess what?

The spontaneity?  By Design.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.  Good night, and, sweet dreams.  Carpe PM, jungle jeff 🙂