Do You Love June 1st?

Yes, This Is June 1st
Yes, This Is June 1st

Ever heard the phrase, “Everything takes longer than expected”?

It’s the primary reason you and I fail at our big plans, our big dreams.

We give up before we should.


Why do you think?

It’s because everything takes longer than we expect.

Embrace this truth and use it to motivate yourself.

I do.

June 1 was three days ago. June 1 marked the 14-month anniversary of writing five daily blogs. June 1 marked 17 months since Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated. June 1 says there are still 19 months before the IRS will ask, “Is this a hobby or a business?”

Yes, I totally thought after 17 months, there would be more to show. But everything takes longer, right?  And to think that Mid Life Celebration isn’t quite at the half-way point is very exciting.

Make no small plans. It is never too late to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

And oh yeah, one more thing, Carpe diem!

Cheesy MBAs

Cheesy MBA's
Cheesy MBA's

If you read this blog’s comments, you’ll know that we have recently come to the finish line with our MBA discussion.

An MBA by itself is worthless.

The effort to successfully receive it, priceless.

But overwhelmingly, it’s the unrealistic expectations people have about what an MBA delivers that are dangerous.

Mike Reardon and Bob Stewart shared another insight in their comments – the degree doesn’t catapult your career, but it does serve as an indicator for a person’s determination and drive.

And there is no denying that an MBA is a life-changing challenge and major accomplishment.

Now, just wanted to go on the record: Blogging is overrated.

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