Are small business business cards relevant in the digital world?

Brilliant business card design…


clever biz cards
creative biz card (photo: courtesy of Web Designer Drops)


Are small business business cards relevant in the digital world?

Not if they’re garbage.

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LinkedIn Works

Think of it this way: My Space is your bedroom, Facebook your living room and LinkedIn your office. LinkedIn is slowly, and quietly becoming a major social media game changer.

Many people begin in LinkedIn thinking they’ll post their most amazing professional resume, and their phone will start to ring. Insert game-show buzzer sound…

No rules for success will work if you don’t. So I do.

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Two Days Ago

What Are the Odds?
What Are the Odds?

Two days ago you saw the post about someone I know who got a separation package.

He saw it coming and started a business in advance of the separation.


What I didn’t mention then, but must now, his chances for survival after five years are as good as all the others starting a business.

Entrepreneurial people have to work very, very hard.  Why?  Because if they fail…

But if they succeed, they have amazing opportunities.

But no one ever talks openly about the odds.  You know why?

You do know the odds right?

Seth Godin’s Top Book Picks

Seth Godin announced his November Top Book picks. Click here.

Most people, like I was three months ago, are clueless who Seth Godin is.

If you are serious about your career, and committed to becoming better at your leadership performance, and especially your leadership thinking, you better should become familiar with Seth Godin.

I first read Purple Cow (about being remarkable) and now Tribes (about, well, stay tuned).

Seth Godin is also on You Tube and you can start to see how refreshingly different, and amazingly brilliant, his thinking is.

But wait. I almost forgot. Most humans (like 90%) are not proactively seeking change.  Leaders say they embrace change, but how often do you see leaders transforming themselves and others?