Embrace your customers means embracing social media

  Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, in a You Tube video interview said, “Disney isn’t embracing social media. Disney is embracing the customer. The customer is embracing social media”. Social media can provide greater opportunity to help any organization create a stronger emotional connection with their brand. Is your company embracing social media? Are you involved […]

Back To The Saturday Run

One of the challenges with our business world is that the people who are capable of decision making are not capable of keeping up with technology. Many reasons for this, and it really doesn’t even matter. Yet the people who keep up with technology and understand it’s potential, particularly with social media, are not in […]

There’s A New Resume In Town

How updated is your resume? Even if your resume is updated, it’s outdated. No, seriously. Social media is the new resume. If you’re not using blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and the other emerging social media channels to promote your personal brand, you are being left behind. Agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter. ¬†What matters […]