Do You Follow Your Instincts?

This excerpt is from a Speakers and Panelist LinkedIn Group Member, Stephen J Stulic. Relevant and powerful: “Seek and Welcome Opportunities That Move You Closer To Realizing Your Full Potential. Be ready when opportunity knocks. And sometimes, by taking strategic advantage of several small opportunities, you may move closer to realizing your full potential more […]

Better and Happier

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” — unknown That’s all there is to say today. Not really. But I’m gonna zip it and hopefully the quote will plant a seed of greatness in your soul and your work this coming year – it’s only two days away.

What Will GREAT Look Like?

What will GREAT look like for you in 2010? I can’t imagine being a professional and not being a LinkedIn member. But it’s not unreasonable at this point for many to still not be involved. My wife is not on LinkedIn, however, I do believe it would benefit her to get started. Anyway, through LinkedIn, […]