The world famous company fell flat yesterday

Southwest jets
Leaving BWI to fetch a cab.


University of Maryland advertisement
Inspiring University of Maryland advertisement, and, Jack the Teddy Bear.


The world famous company fell flat yesterday.

Did they do something blatantly wrong?


Then what?

They simply didn’t do the basics for which they’ve become famous.

It would be like going to Disney World and the Park was dirty. Assume all the Cast were exceptionally courteous, but the place wasn’t clean.

The flight was fine, it just wasn’t special. At all.

Zero “fun-factor”. Zero laughter.




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Is This A Purple Cow?

Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow, is about how to be remarkable.  If you’ve ever flown before, you know what a flight attendant does.

Or do you:

OK, I’ve seen a ton of flight attendants. There are the traditional items that must be covered.

But how there are covered has yet to be defined, or may never be defined. This Southwest Airlines Flight attendant is remarkable.

Bottom line:  in a highly competitive world, playing it safe is risky.