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If jeff noel Could Go Back For A Midlife Do Over, What Would He Change?

jeff noel and Son with Jack the Bear, Castaway Cay 2011

The only thing jeff noel would do over is more of the same. Keep moving forward. Never get tired of Life’s basics. Dream big. Get started. Get there. Stay there.

Continue to live like tomorrow might not come. But because odds are great it will, we get lulled, unfortunately, into a habit of complacency and today is taken for granted.

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Common Sense

Midlifers, Would You Rather Go Back Or Go Forward?

These players aren't in Little League any more...

Age old question for mid lifers and other older adults. Would you like to go back and have a chance to do your life over?

Of course, we can’t go back, but we absolutely can do-over. Begin at once to dream about rethinking, reprioritizing and recommitting. jeff noel has done just that. No bull shit crap theory, just real life in real time.

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Common Sense

Trying And Failing Is Better Than Not Trying

Wisdom of the ages is readily available (24/7)

As we move through space and time in our lives, we are faced with many pieces of wisdom that when we’re younger go in one ear and out the other.

By midlife, we Boomers ought to be not only embracing life’s wisdom, but actually mastering it so as to become a role model for the next generation (or our peers).

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Common Sense

Are You A (Great) Fearless Or (Not So Great) Fearful Coach?

Thank you Dr Martin Luther King, Jr for your fearless (and undoubtedly fearful) dream

We have all watched numerous inspirational movies in which a person or team sets out to do something impossible. In the movies, there’s always a coach-type person that pushes or pulls the person or team through to success.

What we often forget from these movies, is how often people and teams fail along their journey. And often, the person or team actually loses. But what made them inspirationally successful, is their gold-medal effort to try.

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Walt Disney is alive!

Walt Disney is alive!


April Fools.

Actually, he is alive.  Very alive.  Seriously.

He’s alive in the hearts, minds and spirits of most Cast Members.

You know why?

Because Disney nurtures, develops and grows their Disney Culture, purposefully.

If they weren’t methodical in how they work so relentlessly to manage and perpetuate their culture, guess what would happen?

Their culture wouldn’t be nurtured, developed and grown, by default.

Can you start to even remotely comprehend the staggering differences between a corporate culture that is purposeful versus one that is by default?

If you don’t know this by now, you should.  The purpose of this blog is to provide daily, small nuggets of leadership and career insight and wisdom.  Think of jungle jeff as a place to visit to get a daily reflections on excellence.

What do you get from this?

You get:  a nudge, an idea, energy, inspiration, motivation, a little spark, some excitement in your day, a reality check, a chance to dream big dreams.

You will also get some thought-provoking questions.  Yes, my style as a professional speaker is one of professional antagonist.  I’m aggressively unfancy, yet hard-wired to “Do Something Great” every time I see an audience of willing participants.

What do I get out of this?

The joy of serving others.

And maybe, the chance to help you and your organization, “Do something Great“!

I have one purpose, to make you happy by showing you a way to achieve your big organizational goals.

Make it a GREAT day, by design, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff   🙂