Professionally Speaking

Ever hear something sounding so bad and so good at the same time?

Church social function
Great speakers do it for free for Churches and Schools


Ever hear something sounding so bad and so good at the same time? Last night leaving the classroom, heard an executive say, “The guy wanted $5,000 to speak to us. We’re never gonna hire someone asking only $5,000.”

Whatever we do for a living, are we delivering on an exhilarating level?


Of course.

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Professionally Speaking

Is today our practice for amazing things tomorrow?

field of daisies
It’s as simple and beautiful as a field of daisies – be amazing


Today is practice. Rehearsal for the big event tomorrow across the street. Expecting 8,000 people.

What is it about doing something bigger than we’ve ever done – by a long shot – that is so exciting?

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Professionally Speaking

The life of a missionary

walt disney world
Much of my town has been named after the father of modern day business creativity

Heading to the midwest this morning to help 1,000+ people think, smile, and feel grateful. It’s mission work to share reveal exceptional business wisdom from a man I’ve studied all my life and have the privilege to work for – the father of modern day creativity.

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Speaking of Fear

Dear jungle jeff readers, you probably know this, but jungle jeff is just one of five daily blogs that I write.

After speaking of fear yesterday here at jungle jeff, a few minutes later I posted an important jeff noel blog post.

And the topic at yesterday was the antithesis of the one here at jungle jeff.

Is it okay to notice personal growth and use that confidence to make a dramatic leap in progress?

One thing for sure, I’m not afraid to find out.

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Can a speech change the world?

Can a speech change the world?

Should a speech change the world?

Does the world need to be changed?

Questions I think about all the time?  Seriously, ALL THE TIME.


Sitting with my laptop on, well,  on my lap, I can’t help but reflect on a recent speech.  And the first three questions at the top of this post?  That’s what I’m asking right now.

Based on responses from the audience, it sure felt like I shared hit the bulls-eye.

Studying Walt Disney like I have, I’ve learned that Walt had “quirks”.  He was obsessed with quality and doing the things that would most please the audience.

Ever heard the old cliche’, The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree“?

A friend once told me, “Sayings only become cliche’s if they are true”.

It must be so.

It felt as if Walt was in my heart, mind and spirit this morning, and, the audience deserved nothing less than a world-class effort.

Walt Disney was a genius.

I’m humbled, and privileged to be able to attempt, in some small way, to give a speech, that could very well inspire, excite or motivate someone to change the world.

And the crazy thing is, my audience was one hundred children ages 5 – 11.  The other crazy thing – I was at our Church, preaching a homily.

Make today is a day to change the world, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff noel  🙂