.think .differently

.think .differently The TED red dot is where speakers stand when they delver their idea. Four distinct times i was not on the red dot, for an extended couple of minutes. The Teddy Bear story The “WOW” flip chart The Goofy Hat Dad The sailing flip chart ending .think .differently means nothing without action. • […]

Madrid Keynote Speech title and description

Madrid Keynote Speech title and description: Title: Four World-Class Creativity Basics: Deconstructing Disney’s Creative Genius Description: Working at Disney from 1982-2014, Jeff Noel learned, delivered on, and taught the operational DNA for world-class business excellence. In Jeff’s Keynote you learn that organizational creativity requires parameters, not blue-sky thinking. You’ll learn how to think inside-the-box, understand […]

Most rehearsed ​speech ever

Most rehearsed speech since 1999? Tomorrow’s Leadership keynote. Why? Experimenting with doing more in less time. Same speaking client as last year, but with 60 minutes less time. To convey the same message with less will require a great level of precision. Perhaps after speaking for 20 years, i’ve finally learned how to rehearse. It sure […]

My Disney speeches cover things in a way you’ve never been taught in school

    My Disney speeches cover things in a way you’ve never been taught in school or at work. Disney Customer Service, for example, has a harsh reality, an astonishing paradox, and just three world-class building blocks. This is different from anything you’ve ever heard of, been exposed to, or ever considered a possibility. What […]