Classic Disney Imagineering storyboarding makes dreams a reality

Disney Jungle Canteen
Reading the menu..even the napkins are set to look like a spear head.


Disney Institute creativity speakers
The storyline was storyboarded in classic Disney Imagineer fashion.


Disney Business advisors
The attention to detail is extraordinary (aka over-focused).


Disney's jungle jeff noel speaker
From the Hippo pool section of the Jungle Cruise.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
“Always looking for a handout.” As you approach Schweitzer Falls.


Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Trader Sam has a special deal for everyone just before returning to civilization.


The sensory overload was extended to the Cast Members, their behaviors, mannerisms, spiels, their costumes, and it literally had no end.

i’m excited to embellish this DNA with my new Disney Speaker website.




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