One of the most important things you can do as CEO of You, Inc

Neighbors in rural Florida near Disney
Having horses in your neighborhood never gets old. Four Seasons Resort at Disney is straight ahead (but not visible in photo).


One of the most important things you can do as CEO of You, Inc. is be intentional about where you live – you know, where you establish your personal HQ.

Of course this is one of the most challenging assignments you’ll have as CEO, but it’s your responsibility to figure it out and make it happen.




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Ever work invisibly on a game changing idea?

Quote about being a visionary
Photo: an hour ago from a friend’s Facebook update.


Have been working invisibly for the past week to create the right questions and the right vision to help someone who wants to change things.

My mission is to convince him to take an expensive risk that has no guarantee.

Why would anyone spend either side of $250k for something that cannot be guaranteed to work?


Because they want to become the category, not be the best in a category.

Taking risks is risky. So is playing it safe.

If we do nothing, we know what to expect.

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