Paradox gap

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The paradox of a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt.

Paradox has two diametrically opposing, opposite ends of a spectrum.

i envision a horizontal line with zero at the left end and 100 at the right end. The right number can be any number. Using 100 for simplicity.

Another way of quantifying the horizontal graph is on the left end is “Never” and the right end is “Always”.

Both ends are beliefs, statements, (possibly) facts, generalities, and so on. In between are levels of “more or less”.

Both ends represent the 100% opposite of the other.

Mid life crisis vs mid life celebration.

Go the extra mile vs go the extra inch.

Balance is a myth vs balance is not a myth.

Never saw it coming vs I’m not surprised.

Reflecting this morning on the ninth year since my friend and colleague took his life in his office, right after he sent a scathing email targeting five top leaders. Our entire team received it at 8:47 AM.

i remember it like it was yesterday.

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RIP Scott

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Photo: From a Denver conference – free caricatures. Relevance to today’s post – smiling through the loss.

January 24 (yesterday), 2013 a colleague sent our team an email and then took his life.

From the first week 20 years ago in 1999 when i began my Disney Speaking career, i felt compelled and obligated to always offer every audience a balance between Pixie Dust (our vision) and Reality.

It is good to frequently pause to recall the past.

Scott and i spent a good deal of time traveling domestically and internationally for some big clients.

Disney is not immune to unmagical things.

The A-Z list of things every organization struggles with, we do too.

That’s why my messages and context neutral Disney Business insights will help any person, at any level, in any industry.

Super excited to grow my impact in 2019.

Scott, you’d be proud.

PS. When working with Scott, the highest compliment you could receive from him was his Manhatten-influenced feedback, “That didn’t suck.”

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