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Headmaster asked for the title and summary

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Live like you mean it looks good on paper.


Our Son’s Headmaster asked for the title and summary of tomorrow’s 30-minute Executive Summary for him and his executive Council…

Title: If Disney Ran Your Business

Through a set of simple, fun, insightful, hands-on activities, you’ll learn the over-arching thesis for Disney’s success architecture that enables consistent and sustainable world-class results. This “architecture” currently has Disney sitting in the #5 position – Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies. You will also come to realize that it’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic.

Be amazed and be amazing. 😃⚡✨

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Book Publishing

Rewriting Mid Life Celebration Amazon book summary

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Signed 45 books.


Mid Life Celebration book
Lined up in alphabetical order.


Rewriting Mid Life Celebration Amazon book summary:

Excuses, regrets, second chances. i wish this book would have been available when i was 16 years old.


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Dear Son

Hey Dad, can you articulate just one word to summarize your work ethic?

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(photo: The Eastern sun is astonishing low on the horizon)

Son:  Hey Dad, can you articulate just one word to summarize your work ethic?

Dad: Guess.

Son: Disney?

Dad: (gently smiles)

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